Mark your calendars!
Our app is launching April 2024

Find a Player Book a Court & Coach Keep Updated
Find a Player Book a Court & Coach Keep Updated

Improve Retention

Reduce Admin Labour

Increase Development

Recognition for all Members

Ease Communication

Support Inclusion

Safeguard Members

Improve our Game

Get People Playing

Provide Intelligent Data

Feedback Quotes

This is what Tennis has been waiting for

David Cowlard
Match Secretary Bedfordshire

This is a breath of fresh air... If we can save time for our volunteer committee… I’m all In!

Dom Morgan
Chairman, Milton Keynes Tennis Club

Why haven’t we already got this!

Francis Caldwell
Chair of Bedfordshire LTA

This looks brilliant!

Peter Hicks
ITF Player and Committee Member of Felixstowe LTC

I just want it now

Focus Group
Woburn Sands Tennis Club

This looks amazing and very exciting

Paul Braithwaite
Chair of BTCA

This is exactly what the tennis community need

General Manager
Leading Health and Racket Club

This would open the opportunity for our club

Bedford Tennis Club

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my personal details be shared?

No. clubmatch is focused on safeguarding our users and your details are protected within the application.

2. Can I opt out of being selected to play?

Of Course! The application can be used to your preference… If you wish to just find players, select favourites or just simply kept notified of what is happening in the club, this can be done.

3. Will I be able to use it in more than one club?

If you are a member of more than 1 clubmatch club, your dashboard will present you with players from all associated clubs and soon you will be able to subscribe to clubmatch Roam, where you will be able to find players from any clubmatch club as long as you are a member of at least 1 and subscribed to the package.

4. Will I understand how to use it?

Yes… we have ensured that it is intuitive and logical to use. Our primary goal is to improve the experience and engagement within tennis clubs and having a single place to communicate, arrange and shop tennis through one logical platform will make things simple for all users.

5. Is clubmatch LTA Approved?

clubmatch is not affiliated with the LTA, but everything we do is around supporting the LTA by improving engagement, promoting development whilst safeguarding their members.

6. Does this affect my Club Management System?

No. clubmatch is dedicated to the engagement of the sport and the enjoyment it brings. Many club management systems are available to manage membership and affiliation to the LTA. clubmatch opens up tennis to a new way of thinking, to operate court side and widen experiences.

7. This looks expensive!?

clubmatch will drive retention, save on commission and increase footfall through your club. A clubmatch club is an investment into increased revenue and a gateway to savings on products, services and experiences.